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Your business isn't "one-size-fits-all" and neither are our consulting services. While we offer a wide range of experts and expertise, our first step is always to listen to you. What challenges are you facing? What goals are you trying to meet? What do you see as barriers to your success?

A brief overview of the consulting and training services we offer is below. To talk about what your business needs, give us a call. We're ready to help. 


Company-Wide Transformation

A multi-year effort of complex strategic change initiative involving all levels and functions within a business.

Division/Department Transformation

Selective strategic change effort at a smaller scale. May be used as a pilot for future scale up. Culture change will occur.

Targeted Value Stream

Focused on few specific organization problems. Driven by need for strategic impact. Easy to get started; quicker results.  

Grass Roots

Digging in at the foundation and working from the ground up can be the best way to effect change. Working with the workers to understand and improve processes and outcomes.

Leadership Development

Expanding individuals' capabilities to serve in leadership roles. Building leaders' capacity to create alignment, develop others, and successfully execute company strategies.


Combining online and in-person tools and techniques to provide custom training packages from basic knowledge to comprehensive mastery in process improvement.


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Sometimes you know there's a need but aren't sure how to define it let alone what direction to head. Talking through the situation with an independent expert can help put things in perspective. We're ready to help.