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Process Improvement Experts

Empowering people and elevating organizational excellence with Lean Six Sigma principles and business improvement strategies.


Who We Are

Founded in 2005 by engineer and Lean expert Leigh Ann Schildmeier, Park Avenue Solutions is a process improvement consulting firm that helps businesses improve quality, increase productivity, and enhance financial performance by creating process improvement strategies that empower excellence in organizations and teams.


Empower through Education.


Empower through Knowledge.


Elevate to Excellence.


Working With You to Create Real, Sustainable Results

Working side-by-side with the people doing the work every day, we utilize their experience with your specific processes, procedures, and tools to help determine the path to improvement.

We won’t take your employees away from revenue-generating work just to give them another title or certificate. With our coaching and facilitation, your staff will get hands-on training in tools and tactics to help solve the problems that you have now.

With Park Avenue Solutions, you will get not only improved processes but an empowered workforce that understands how to work with you to create and sustain excellence in quality, productivity, and profitability.

Park Avenue Solutions is a member of the Wabash Valley Lean Network and a proud sponsor of Women & Hi Tech, fostering collaboration and equality in STEM fields and roles across all industries.



Our Team

Comprised of engineers with various expertise and experience in industries including healthcare, finance, business services, and manufacturing, the Park Avenue Solutions team and partners use Lean Six Sigma to identify and address outdated and inefficient processes and streamline operations in any area of a company from hiring and administration to frontline services to advanced manufacturing.

Leigh Ann Schildmeier, process improvement expert, founder & president of Park Avenue Solutions

Leigh Ann Schildmeier

Founder & President

Specializing in developing, implementing, and training continuous improvement and risk mitigation strategies, Leigh Ann helps clients increase productivity, improve quality and service, and increase profits.

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Dave Harry, the Process Whisperer®, Park Avenue Solutions Partner

Dave Harry

The Process Whisperer®

Experienced Lean Six Sigma Champion, Black Belt, Six Sigma Instructor, and Kata Coach, Dave specializes in business process analysis and project management consulting and training.

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Cindy Allen-Stuckey, Senior Consultant for Organizational Development with Park Avenue Solutions

Cindy Allen-Stuckey

Organizational Development & Strategic Human Resources

Certified in Human Performance Improvement and in Business and Executive Coaching, Cindy Allen‐Stuckey has more than 25 years of experience in helping companies translate organizational strategy into action.

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Christian LeSesne, Quality Assurance and Industrial Engineer, Park Avenue Solutions

Christian LeSesne

Quality Assurance and Industrial Engineer

As a veteran Quality Assurance and Industrial Engineer, Chris is experienced in developing concepts and systems that improve productivity and quality in manufacturing environments.

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Lori Daly

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

With a background in diversity, hiring, and inclusion in both business and government organizations, Lori is committed to creating improvement practices and processes to increase and sustain disability awareness and inclusion.

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Michael A. Anleitner

FMEA Expert

A widely recognized expert in product development systems & methods, Michael consults, trains, and has authored 2 books and numerous articles on FMEA, cost management, and product development.

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Jay Watson, Senior Consultant at Park Avenue Solutions, Lean Six Sigma Expert

Jay Watson

Lean Six Sigma Pioneer

An American Management Educator, with over 40 years experience in business and industry, Jay Watson is one of the Southwest’s leading pioneers in Process Excellence Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

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