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Empower through Knowledge

Everyone learns differently. We believe that learning certain key topics is essential to building a foundation of quality and continuous improvement knowledge.

Whether you're looking for on-demand online, customized, in-person events, or a combination, Park Avenue Solutions is here as a resource for your training needs. 

Onsite Training

A variety of standard workshops are available and can be combined with training customized for your needs. Let's work together to develop a lean learning plan for you, your team, or your organization.

More about Onsite Training
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Online Learning

Available as on-demand, self-paced or live, instructor-led online courses, these are engaging workshops that incorporate a mix of teaching methods and media, including video, reading, coaching, and activities, to maximize engagement and retention. 


Public Workshops

We offer a mix of classroom-based and experiential, hands-on learning experiences led by our knowledgeable coaches at locations across the U.S.

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Practitioner Days

Practitioner Days are meetups of Lean Practitioners of various skill levels from beginner to expert. These events facilitate knowledge sharing of best practices and new ideas as well as provide opportunities for hands-on learning and practice of various methodologies and tools. 


Let's Talk Training

Often the best way to figure out what will work is to talk through it. Click below to schedule a short, no-obligation call to talk about training you and your teams for success.


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