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Tech Leadership 4.0: Leading in a Technologically Driven World

Aug 5, 2020 5:56:46 AM

We are excited to share the new book Tech Leadership 4.0: Leading in a Technologically Driven World from our friend and colleague Michael A. Anleitner of Livonia Technical Services! It's a fascinating exploration of leadership in the "Fourth Wave" of the industrial revolution.

Co-authored with Rob Pasick, PhD, the book provides an in-depth guide to developing the skills needed to become a successful Fourth Wave leader and how to develop and follow a leadership action plan that turns your personal vision and mission into reality.

Book cover, Tech Leadership 4.0: Leading in a Technology Driven World by Robert Pasick, PhD, and Michael A. AnleitnerIn an excerpt you can read here, the authors lay out the challenge Fourth Wave leaders face in maintaining balance between rules and culture. The issue is presented from the perspectives of both a start-up company with typically few rules that are rarely enforced and a more mature company where leadership often turns autocratic or relies on the negative reinforcement of a coercive bureaucracy.

A more successful model that Fourth Wave leaders can work toward is that of an "enabling bureaucracy":

"Nevertheless, dynamic organizations that have sustained success tend to have encouraging and supportive cultures and a workable yet flexible set of procedures and policies that everyone can follow—and a much higher probability of overall success."

Buy the book here

Angela Barbosa
Written by Angela Barbosa

Angela Barbosa is the marketing director for Park Avenue Solutions. She is a veteran marketer, writer, designer, and presenter. Angela's more than 20 years of experience ranges from high-level marketing strategy to search engine optimization to nuts-and-bolts layout and content creation. She is an English major, perpetual student, avid reader, wannabe artist, and occasional practitioner of yoga and hula hooping. Angela resides in Bloomington, Indiana, with her child and their feisty cats.



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